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As a new mother of a beautiful and wonderful baby girl, I could relate to the demands that a child places on most Women. Out of the hospital in two days with a fragile newborn infant and very little time to recover. Sleep deprivation begins to set in, and laundry starts to pile. Life becomes a little overwhelming at times and you begin to doubt your capabilities of being a mother, wife and homemaker.

The months pass on, you start to get into a routine and things start to get better. Everything is fine and dandy and you love the experience of being a new mother. Then one day you realize, "I barely have anytime for myself!". No one ever prepared you for this. No one ever told you that those long showers would be non existent. No one ever told you that sleeping in would be a thing of the past.

Even though becoming a mother changes many things in your life. There are some things that never change. That is Women love to be pampered!!!! And when those daily demands of caring for a child begin to take a toll on you this is something that becomes a neccessity. It's important to recognize that we all need to incorporate rest and relaxation into our busy schedules. This is the time when our batteries get recharged and it gives us the extra energy we need to get through the rest of the day.

This is why I started the Pampered Mommy, back in 2005. I saw an opportunity for me to provide a service to mothers with their babies. A service that recognized the importance of keeping Mommy happy. A happy Mommy, means a happy baby.

Happy Baby

I am pleased to say that I am now a happy Mommy of 2 girls, one is almost 3 and the other is 8-1/2 months.

- Carmen Joseph -

Get your Mommy friends together and schedule a Pampered Mommy party.

You deserve it!

" Looking forward to providing you with the Pampering that you need!"


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