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SING brings Kindermusik® to Mississauga. Sing is owned and operated by musician Mandi Galer who is offering Kindermusik® programs.

Why not enroll your child in a Kindermusik® class? ...

-when 99% of the Kindermusik® parents would recommend the program to other parents. Source: November 2005 Online Study by Harris Interactive



Kindermusik Village

Imagine your child swinging softly in a blanket or dancing with you around a maypole. Village provides a delightful environment unlike any other. Through a unique blend of multi-level activities that includes creative movement, vocal play, object and instrument exploration, and a colorful literature component, your baby’s growth and development are stimulated and all of his senses engaged.

Kindermusik Village, for children newborn to 1½ years of age, incorporates the most current research on early childhood development and provides families a special place for learning and connecting with other parents and babies through music and movement. High quality, professionally created class and At Home materials include Kindermusik Foundations of Learning, insights based on current research that educate parents about their babies' unique development.


Kindermusik Ourtime

Can you sound like an elephant? Or hop like a bunny? Our Time encourages your child to uncover an engaging musical world while building confidence, self-control and communications skills. Singing, imitating sounds, rhyming and object identification foster language skills. Creative movement to various musical “moods” develops a sense of balance, timing and spatial awareness. Listening and turn-taking encourage blossoming social skills.

Kindermusik Our Time is designed for children 1½ years to 3 years of age. Along with an accompanying parent or caregiver, children meet weekly for a 45-minute class and enjoy singing, moving, listening and interacting socially, and playing simple instruments. Exploration Time encourages a child's discovery of specially designed instruments, textures, sounds and movements; language skills are fostered with singing, sound imitation, and vocal play; Music & Movement Story Time encourages emergent literacy skills; and creative dancing affirms a child's urge to move.





Kindermusik Imagine That

Imagine That! takes you and your child on a musical journey of discovery and exploration…a journey limited only by the power of imagination. Pretend play activities are integrated with music, vocal development, storytelling, movement and literature to capture your child’s potential to learn and to encourage cognitive and literacy skills, creativity and individuality.

Kindermusik Imagine That! is designed for active, energetic, enthusiastic, and imaginative 3- and 4-year-olds and encourages socialization, sharing, and participating in group activities. Singing becomes a focus for enhancing the preschooler's vocal development as her expressive language is just beginning to emerge. Parents are invited to participate in the last 15 minutes for Sharing Time of the 45-minute class.


Kindermusik For The Young Child

Listen as your child astonishes you with her newfound ability to create musical compositions. Kindermusik for the Young Child provides a pressure-free, developmentally appropriate transition to musically succeed before taking on more formal instruction. Kindermusik provides the opportunity to explore voice development, rhythm, notation, musical symbols and authentic pre-keyboard, string and woodwind instruments.

Young Child helps every child develop a confident, joyful voice for singing and speaking as well as essential building blocks for a future of learning. Designed for children ages 4½ through 7 years, classes meet once a week for 60-75 minutes. Students explore many facets of the musical experience-speaking, singing, moving, dancing, listening, creating and playing instruments, as well as learning about reading and writing music. As the capstone to the child's Kindermusik journey, Young Child broadens and deepens the child's introduction to the fulfillment and excitement of musicianship.

Oh What Busy Days Kindermusik Adventure

Village—newborn to 1.5 years
Early on, someone probably sang this rhyme to you. That's likely why you still know "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." The earlier you sing rhymes like these to your little one, new research shows the earlier she makes sense of language, gets ready for reading, and so much more.

Oh What Busy Days

Busy Days
Using all the places you go with your baby as a theme, we'll expand your repertoire of on-the-go, attention-getting songs, and rhymes to grow with you both. Each lesson features new activities and songs you can sing this summer—at the store, the playground, the doctor, and more.

At Home Materials include: Hardcover book, a wooden rolly cage-bell, CD features a slip-in, slip-out lyric book inside the case, and a home activities poster.

Kindermusik International ABC Music and Me


ABC Music & Me created by Kindermusik International, the world’s most trusted brand in musical learning for the past 30 years, is an award-winning music enrichment program for 2 to 6 year olds. This new program is packed with plenty of instrument play, new songs and stories, music from a variety of genres, new musical vocabulary and concepts, music and movement, vocal play and tons of fun!

ABC Music & Me is structured on a themed, monthly basis, with different units for the 2 to 4 year old and 4 to 6 year old. Every month, the children will each receive home materials consisting of a beautiful family magazine full of activities and stories as well as a CD with over 20 songs, stories and rhymes from class. Every other month, the children will also receive their very own instrument!


Kindermusik Music Time

Music class for families with multiple children ages newborn and up

In ten weeks, you'll play instruments together, dance together, share, and take turns, and see how music can bring you closer as a family.

A one-room schoolhouse approach to music. With older children ready to show the little ones how it's done and the younger ones eager to learn, Family Time becomes a multi-layered learning environment. Each week, a Kindermusik Educator will introduce basic musical concepts and then give you the instruments, and the structured free time to put those concepts into play.

Your children will listen to instruments and to each other, learn from their peers and older children, and enjoy music and movement with hoops, scarves and tumble-around play. Story time and family jams, puppet play and happy singing—all the Family Time activities encourage discovery and exploration and foster sharing and social skills too. In this special place for musical, social and emotional learning, your children will strengthen their ties with each other and with you—and they'll start developing the skills they'll need in school and on the neighborhood playground.





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Contact Mandi today for available classes as space is limited.


Mandi Galer

Licensed Kindermusik Educator

Private Voice and Piano Teacher

Design and Implementation of Preschool Music Programs.

Phone: 416-388-8787









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