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Janee Niebler - Doctor of Homeopathy

JANEE NIEBLER - Doctor of Homeopathy

Today I find that many moms are looking for the natural route for healthcare for their children.  Homeopathic medicine offers safe and gentle care for all childhood illnesses. In Europe & Asia, Homeopathy has a fine history.  It is well-recognized in England, France, Germany, India, Greece and other countries.  Here in North America, it is still in the early stages of acceptance by moms used to the conventional medical treatment of their children’s health problems.With the rise in interest in organic foods and formulas for children, stores like Whole Foods and Planet Organic are beginning to stock Homeopathic mixtures for ailments such as teething, colic, colds, allergies etc.  For those moms who are new to Homeopathy, these are a great way to begin.  These medicines are clinically tested and are well-recognized in alternative medicine.  The beauty of these natural alternatives is that they offer no side-effects, work quickly and are completely safe. 

I was a nurse trained in the conventional medical arena and I discovered the wonders of Homeopathy later in my life.  I wish I had known  this method of treatment for children and adults when I was raising my young family.  Whenever new moms are faced with a fever, colic, vomiting, sleeplessness and exhaustion, there are homeopathics ready to help.

For example, for colic & teething, Chamomilla works really well for the child who is upset, wanting to be carried about constantly, loving movement and who seems angry with the pain.

I have seen Ipecachuana work in one dose in a baby who is vomiting due to a stomach upset from introducing a new food.  I have seen sunken fontanelles (the “soft spot” on the head)  in infants quickly reverse in some babies with a dose or two of Calcarea carbonica.  There are remedies for diarrhea, vaccination side-effects, ear infections and any of the other common reactions to conventional meds such as decreased food assimilation due to frequent use of antibiotics. 

I encourage young moms to investigate Homeopathy for their children for all childhood complaints from growth problems to common illnesses.  These are easily treated and do not recur.  Homeopathy is not just a temporary band-aid treatment but offers constant improvement for all conditions in children.  This includes recurrent, troublesome illnesses that do not seem to react well to conventional medical treatment.  This also includes ailments in older children such as bedwetting, nightmares, anxiety, school problems such as decreased concentration, acting out, temper tantrums, etc. 

We women have a choice for our children. Use the benefits of conventional medicine such as diagnostic testing, surgery and emergency care and keep in close contact with your family doctor.  Try Homeopathy to treat common childhood illnesses before resorting to long courses of antibiotics etc. 

Homeopathy is definitely worth the time and minimal expense and will,  I guarantee,  become a permanent part of raising your families.  As a grandmother now, my three daughters will attest to the benefits of this wonderful, natural form of healthcare for themselves and their children.

Janee Niebler is a Doctor of Homeopathy, practicing in Mississauga and author of the book, Homeopathy: A Manual For Mothers.


She can be reached at 905-278-0778, via email, or via her website,










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