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 Spring has sprung, the birds are chirping and summer’s around the corner! It’s time to start planning activities to keep your children busy throughout the summer! Research has shown that music in early childhood can enhance child development and learning throughout the school age years. So why not add a little music to your summer!  There are plenty of ways to easily keep your child’s mind active through music! Here are just a few suggestions that Sing has put together for you! 

  • Go for a listening walk! All you have to do is be very quiet and listen! What kinds of birds do you hear singing? There are crickets chirping, dogs barking, bees buzzing, feet walking, bells ringing… music is everywhere! Listen and talk about the sounds that you hear.

  • Make a musical craft! Plenty of household items or, better yet, recyclables can be made into fun and safe musical instruments for children of all ages. From shakers to tambourines to guitars and rainsticks! Encourage your child’s creativity to create a unique musical concoction! A perfect activity for a rainy day!

  • Put on a show! Get the neighbourhood kids and their musical crafts together to put on a backyard concert! How fun to make up their very own accompaniment for songs they love or even write their own songs! Make sure you record their creativity – it’s exciting to hear or see yourself performing! Add some skits, a puppet show, a dance and this could become quite the neighbourhood cabaret!

  • Go to a concert in the park! There are plenty of Mississauga festivals and activities happening right here in Port Credit for the whole family. Lots of opportunities to see great live music, and what better way to do it than outdoors! Visit for information.

  • Musical chores! We all know chores are not fun, but we can find ways to make them more enjoyable. Add a little song and household cleaning and yard work isn’t so bad! Plus it’s a great opportunity to introduce your child to new styles of music! Listen and see if you can identify the different instruments you hear!

Sing Music Class

If you’re looking for even more summer musical fun, Sing offers a range of summer music programs for children from infant right up to age 7, as well as piano and voice lessons for children through adults. You’re never too old to enjoy music! Making Musical Crafts with Miss Mandi and Kindermusik® classes and summer camps are available at Gingerbread Lane in Lorne Park. Sing is also offering Kindermusik® summer camps at the FUN School in Port Credit. Private lessons located in Clarkson. For more detailed information on Sing and Kindermusik® programming, you can visit and


As a performing musician, private lesson teacher since 1995 and student of music from the age of 6; including the Royal Conservatory of Music in both voice and piano, Music Major at Cawthra Park S.S. and graduate of the Humber Music Program with Honours; I discovered that there is an incredible lack of musicians sharing their musical knowledge with young children. Which is why I set out to obtain my Kindermusik License and founded Sing in 2005. I am excited, everyday, to share my passion for and knowledge of music with the amazing young minds that I have the privilege of working with. It’s cliché, but I do believe the children are our future. And while I do perform as a singer and keyboard player in my duo, Lava, and enjoy it completely, the outcome of music classes for young children should not be to become a musician or musical prodigy. It’s about the process of learning and the enjoyment and appreciation of music.


So much can be gained through music – creativity, self-expression, self confidence, language and memory enhancement, listening skills, conversation skills, social skills – just to name a few! Music is all around us and enhances so much of our everyday lives. Take note of the music around you and talk about it with your child. After all, parents are the most important teachers and music is a very special gift that you can give your child.


Miss Mandi  of Sing

Written by Mandi Galer


Licensed Kindermusik Educator

Private Voice and Piano Instructor

Preschool Music Program Development and Instruction




Tel: (416) 388-8787





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